About made-to-order

In the case of made-to-order

Please let us know the desired product name and resin color.

bespoke price

In the case of a necklace: price + 1,000 yen

Jewelry set product: price + 2,000 yen

*Please note that we cannot specify the type of wood, the color of the wood, or the color of the resin.

* Regarding size and adjustment, please contact us when selecting the desired product name and resin color.

Since it is handmade, it cannot be exactly the same as the registered product. Please note that the shape will be slightly different as it will be carved from the part where the wood grain and resin color are well arranged.

When the ordered product is completed, we will send you a photo by e-mail, check it, and if there is no problem, we will ship it.